Solutions Overview

Manage office utilisation and environment

our solutions give you the power

to understand and manage your workspace

Built on our pioneering office sensor technology, our solutions allow you to collect and view data to see how your office is really being used and to manage the office environment from heat and light to air quality.

We provide data to

  • Manage workplace strategy
  • Reinforce strategic workplace decisions
  • Gain insight and improve workplace utilisation and environment

With experience of more than 100 office transformations for major corporations worldwide, you can rely on our professional services to provide expert insight and support your office real estate decision making.

occupancy solutions

Monitor office use accurately with superior sensors

Desk Sensors

Purpose-built desk sensors.

Ideal for hybrid and conventional workplaces.

We configure detection range and angle for your layout.

Meeting Room Occupancy

Purpose-built sensors for meeting rooms.

Get detailed data about when meeting rooms are used down to which seats, and how many, are occupied.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools from Abintra include a web interface and mobile app.

Allow for desk and meeting room booking, and automated staff check-in.

Or integrate existing scheduling tools with our sensor tech.

Powerful Data and Reporting

Generate reliable data to

• Manage workplace strategy

• Reinforce strategic workplace decisions

• Gain insight

• Improve utilisation and environment


Discover Abintra's indication and wayfinding options.

Support employees and teams to navigate their way to available desks and meeting rooms that suit their needs.

Meeting Room Status (lighting)

Lights fitted outside meeting rooms indicate when rooms are occupied or available.

Light can be automatically illuminated on entry or when sitting down.

Powerful API and Development

Abintra's powerful application interface allows you to integrate with other digital sources such as BI, lighting, booking solutions or building automation.

General Availability Indicators

Discreet ceiling-mounted light projects a soft, non-distracting glow above an area to confirm its availability.

Perfect for popular meeting booths.

environmental solutions

Monitor & control temperature, light, air quality and more


Temperature sensors are included as standard in Abintra occupancy sensors.

Monitor temperature over an entire office floor down to desk level.


Sensors provide valuable benchmark data on noise levels.

Use them to monitor noise-reduction initiatives and implement quiet zones.


Measure light levels and respond to the data to maximise productivity and wellbeing.

Monitor lighting in and out of office hours.

Support seasonal lighting configurations.


Abintra sensors measure building humidity to help you optimise workplace conditions.

Reduce respiratory infections and absenteeism.


Use Abintra particulate sensors to alert you to dangerous airborne particles.

Monitor print stations etc for Volatile Organic Compounds.

Measure airborne dust levels (e.g. from nearby building projects).

Carbon Dioxide

Abintra sensors monitor the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Auto alert if the amount approaches harmful levels.

Identify stale air pockets where pathogens can lurk.

Lighting Control

Link Abintra sensors to your compatible lighting control systems.

Manage automated variable lighting schemes.

Run at desk level to suit individual employees.

Air Conditioning Control

Real-time measurement of air quality.

Allows you to optimise clean air throughput and ensure staff wellbeing.