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Desk and Meeting Room Scheduling and Booking

Abintra’s solutions for desk and meeting room scheduling allow you to book rooms and/or desks as well as other resources such as car parking. Our solutions stand out from the competition because we tailor them to include the functionality you need to meet the way you want to work, rather than the other way around.

Desk availability mobile view

Based on our award-winning technology, our scheduling solution is designed to adapt to changing circumstances, such as the potential for dealing with a distributed workforce, and to develop and grow with you.

On day one, you can begin with a simple tool to help you to deal with track and trace in the office, for example. When you need it, you can add functionality such as integrating with our workplace occupancy sensors.

You don’t have to configure the system yourself and we don’t swamp you with features you don’t need. You can see this in our user interface, which is laid out to support your operation.

All our tools are GDPR compliant and designed to support you to create a safe, easy-to-use and productive office space for your people.

How desk booking works

Employees planning to come to the office can simply log on via the web on any device to pick a desk from a floorplan or select a desk number.

Booking confirmation screen mobile view

Having selected the date and duration for their booking, they can additionally select other bookable assets, a car parking space or bike rack space or meal options for instance, dependant on what’s offered by the employer.

Supporting compliance with COVID restrictions

Depending on guidelines in place, the system may prompt users to confirm that they need to be in the office: Do you have to come in? It asks users to confirm that they understand the COVID rules in place and that they have read the employer’s guidance.

Information about bookings are typically held for 21 days so that they can be made available to health authorities if appropriate.

Because it is designed for you, the desk and meeting room scheduling system can easily adapt to changing rules and methods of coping with the situation. That’s a lot better than buying an off-the-shelf system and finding you need new functionality, only to be told: “That’s available in the next version.”

Where can I use Abintra’s scheduling system?

Whether you’re looking to schedule meeting rooms, workstations or assets such as carparking, or if you simply want a way to support “track and trace”, we have a choice of cloud options for fast deployment.