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Office Space Utilisation Surveys

Running an office space utilisation survey with Abintra will give you true insight into how you use your space. More importantly, it will reveal how much space is being under-utilised.

The results from office space utilisation surveys using our pioneering WiseNet technology are often astonishing. Real office space utilisation is often only 70 per cent, sometimes less. That means a third of office space could be transformed with a utilisation overhaul.

It’s something we highlighted in our landmark report Wasted Space as reported in Workplace Insight magazine.

Office Space Utilisation Surveys are the Key

It’s the key to moving beyond offering employees flexible working and into providing a truly agile office space where utilisation means giving people the layout and spaces they need to work at their most creative and productive. That is proven to be better for employers and employees.

Though agile working is soaring up the agenda, companies still spend vast amounts of capital and rental overhead on unused real estate while forcing their most valuable asset, their people, to work in old, inflexible ways.

Unlock Benefits with Office Space Utilisation Surveys

Discovering how you really use your office real estate in detail with an office space utilisation survey from Abintra will unlock a raft of benefits. Those range from identifying potential cost savings to introducing agile working.

The first step is to discover exactly how you are using your office space, and the fastest way to do that is to book one of our surveys. Using our pioneering WiseNet technology, we’ll give you all the data you need to make reliable, informed decisions – in just four weeks.