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“Managing the New Office Environment” Free Download

As managers grapple with hybrid working, our new book sets out how to deploy prop-tech to optimise space utilization.

Author and Abintra Director Tony Booty lifts the lid on the pros and cons of different technologies for managing the changing workplace.

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He answers challenging questions for organizations navigating the new hybrid workplace including:

  • Who should be involved in workplace transformation?
  • What steps do you need to take to manage change successfully?
  • How do you win over employees to the idea of agile working?

What’s inside

  • 98 pages
  • Ten-point checklist for deploying occupancy monitoring
  • Buyer’s guide to occupancy sensors
  • Best practice examples and case studies


  1. Seeing the big picture
  2. Who should be involved?
  3. Your route to an agile workplace
  4. Communicating with staff: How to win over people to the agile office idea
  5. Debunking the myths: Handling misconceptions and spotting false promises from vendors
  6. Why it shouldn’t be all about tech
  7. Why technology is still important
  8. Office use technology in a new world: How utilization and environmental sensors fit with IoT, smart buildings and AI
  9. The Covid effect: How facing up to the challenge of the coronavirus has boosted flexible working and created new applications for occupancy and environmental sensors

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