Local government transport authority

We typically identify around 30 per cent of real estate that is being under-utilised and which on closer attention is likely to reveal genuine opportunity for cost reduction. However, a local government transport authority who couldn’t operate flexibly, proved to be an exception. In this instance, we were unable to find additional or avoidable waste. This was a first for us in almost a decade of reviewing work spaces.

Nevertheless, the survey proved a worthwhile investment. For the modest cost of the four-week study, the client had conclusive proof that it was operating at capacity. This was further endorsed six months later when a central government circular highlighting mismanagement of space by local authorities was swiftly refuted for this particular group thanks to the evidence we had gathered. In fact, the client earned praise from government officials for its proactive initiative in commissioning the study.

The results

Conclusive proof of capacity requirements, meeting government requirements