…accurate, actionable unadulterated real time occupancy data…

…the only system with a proven global real world track record for the last 5 years…

…compatible with CAFM, scheduling and BMS systems…

…supported worldwide…

…no hidden costs…

About WiseNet

WiseNet is the most robust, reliable and accurate PIR workplace measuring system on the market, with unparalleled levels of reliability, customisability and ease of use.

A few reasons why WiseNet is the best in breed:


Accurate, actionable real time occupancy and temperature recording as standard


Equipment is discreet and virtually unnoticeable by staff


The system runs on a wireless mesh network, allowing for accidental short term power interrupts with no loss of data.


Simple to deploy - 1,000’s of sensors can be installed in a single night with the system collecting and reporting data the very next day.


Other sensor solutions can have trouble with scale but the WiseNet system was developed specifically with scale as an overriding factor.


WiseNet data is automatically routed to the WBI portal providing live utilisation reporting.


The WBI portal is designed specifically for WiseNet and to cope with the massive amounts of data that the system produces with full archiving allowing for analysis of anything at any time.


No hidden costs for moves and changes, as this can be done freely by the client when installed.


Flexible payment terms are available, and you can measure your workspace for as long as YOU want.

Call Abintra now to speak to the industry experts in providing actionable workplace data enabling your business to save money, accurately measure and manage space and improve productivity.

...In Summary

WiseNet IS a PIR utilisation measurement system that...

•  allows you to manage your workplace strategically in a previously unseen manner
•  has a proven real world track record over the last 5 years
•  is specifically built to cope with any scale of project
•  is truly future proof
•  is compatible with CAFM & BMS systems
•  is supported world wide
•  practically invisible when installed
•  allows clients to manage their own moves and changes
•  delivers accurate, actionable unadulterated real time occupancy data

WiseNet IS NOT...

•  just a utilisation tool
•  a spying system for keeping track of individuals
•  reliant on personal opinions or interpretations
•  limited in scale by cables, area or size of building
•  a high maintenance system or costly in use
•  difficult to redeploy
•  the cheapest or the best looking

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