…real time actionable business intelligence delivered live …

…increase flexibility & productivity, decrease costs…

…allow your employees to passively manage themselves…

…our systems can integrate with any scheduling solution…

…search and find currently available spaces via screens and mobile devices…

Managing Utilisation

Most organisations today have, or are implementing some form of flexible working strategy for their staff. Just as usage and utilisation patterns change for 1:1 ratios they also constantly change for higher ratios of sharing. Understanding how these flexible assets are used is key to the constant improvement of a flexible workplace to benefit staff and management through the provision of more suitable workplace assets, increased productivity and reduced costs..

To proactively manage your workplace you need to implement a system that can give you unbiased, unadulterated, accurate repeatable measurements across all of your workspaces. The WiseNet solution delivers all this and more.

Flexibility without scheduling

WiseNet allows staff to manage themselves passively by using concierge screens, tablets and their phones to give them a guided real time view to available seats.

It’s a simple passive way for staff self-management using the tools that WiseNet provides without expecting your staff to ‘check’ or ‘swipe’ in and ‘check’ or ‘swipe’ out. Non sensor based systems also manage the workplace but there is an element of required compliance from your staff, using WiseNet sensors there is no requirement for staff to work in any specific way.

The benefits

•  Allow staff to manage themselves.
•  Track space usage across your whole portfolio in real time.
•  Setup automatic reports and utilisation alarms at set parameters.
•  Reception screens highlight available flexible space on a floor or in a building.
•  Fully flexible and intuitive filterable live reports.
•  Staff can search for available space across the whole of your portfolio via the internet at any location at any time.


Benchmarking your property continuously allows you to understand and adapt to workplace trends as and when they happen and whilst they are happening. Compare which of your sites and workspaces work against those that don’t. Use the objectivity in the WiseNet WBI portal to easily identify problem areas allowing you to react instantly.

The WiseNet WBI portal allows for cross reporting on all workplace spaces fully filterable by day, week, month and year to any level of detail you have set up for your spaces, including any business hierarchy, space use, size etc.

With WiseNet comparing the usage of your spatial assets across your whole portfolio has never been easier.

Flexibility with scheduling

Although WiseNet can manage flexibility without scheduling we do appreciate that scheduling solutions are needed with regards to managing collaborative areas and conference rooms. The nature of a formal meeting dictates that people need to be invited for a particular date and a start and duration set.

WiseNet can integrate with almost all scheduling solutions including Outlook and Lotus Notes. When installed the system can auto-bump no shows and release collaborative assets back to the population as standard.

The WBI portal can report on actual use against booked use including number of attendees, start time and duration of all meetings with no required input from staff.

The benefits

•  Avoid changing your booking software as WiseNet is compatible with almost all scheduling solutions including Outlook and Lotus Notes.
•  ‘Auto-bump’ no shows and release spaces back to the population.
•  Report on actual start times and duration of spaces against bookings.
•  Report on actual number of attendees against invited attendees.
•  Screens can highlight available collaborative areas for booked meetings that have no shows.
•  Fully configurable to client parameters.

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