Utilisation Measurement

Why Measure Utilisation?

With real estate more often being the second largest corporate expense, cutting cost and effectively managing infrastructure overhead is an all-important necessity requiring reporting diligence and accuracy allowing for proper administration and execution.

The workplace today has changed considerably to that of twenty or even ten years ago with the introduction of technology that lets us work flexibly within or remotely from our ‘base of operations’ as needed. To be able to manage workplace resources and workspaces we first need to measure them and understand how they are used; this provides a detailed understanding of the working requirements of our employees.

The WiseNet Utilisation Measuring System

We use the market leading WiseNet Utilisation System in conjunction with our WBI portal to measure and manage our clients workplaces, whether a snapshot or long term management of utilisation our solution was the first and is still the best and most flexible sensor solution on the market today .

Abintra offer the WiseNet Utilisation system for permanent purchase or alternatively as a managed service for short or long term surveys.

WiseNet Survey

Easily identify where the opportunities are to save underutilised resource with a WiseNet survey.

We have carried out hundreds of surveys around the globe for some of the worlds largest companies.

Our surveys provide an incredibly accurate cost effective way of taking a snapshot of your workplace over a defined period of time.


Purchase WiseNet

Unlock real time actionable data in which to make forward thinking business decisions.

Identify and manage your underutilised resources daily as and when opportunities occur saving you valuable time and money.

Link the WiseNet system to a building automation system and control your lighting and air conditioning from actual occupancy.


About WiseNet

WiseNet is an automated wireless sensor system that passively captures utilisation data for almost any function at any location in today's modern office - from workstations to meeting rooms, from collaborative spaces to kitchen areas.

WiseNet measures and reports in real time, is simple to deploy and maintenance free.

Coupled with its space and energy management capability, this makes WiseNet the only system to provide actionable data beyond trials and small installations.


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