Survey Option

What format are the results in?

The results of the survey are updated in a secure online WBI portal at the end of each day. The portal contains graphs, charts, reports and diagrams all fully filterable to your space and business hierarchies.

How much does it cost?

A WiseNet survey is priced per sensor, so it depends on the scale of your project as to the final price but we do offer an excellent discount schedule for repeat clients, multiple surveys, and larger bodies of work.

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What is it?

The temporary measurement of your workplace utilisation using Abintra's market leading WiseNet system. The WiseNet survey tool is the same as the permanent purchase option with the exceptions that the equipment is temporarily attached in place and removed when your survey duration has elapsed.

The system is typically used to measure workstation and conference room utilisation levels over a set number of weeks giving you a snapshot of how your workplace is being utilised over a defined period of time.

Will it disrupt my staff?

We recommend that the install and removal of the WiseNet equipment takes place outside of normal office hours; we provide this as standard so that staff disruption is kept to a very minimum and that our install and removal teams can work uninterrupted.

How Long Should I Survey For?

WiseNet surveys are available for any duration from two weeks upwards. It is entirely up to you how long you wish to survey your workplace for, although we would always recommend a minimum of four weeks as this will provide good data for all spaces allowing for staff holidays, sickness and monthly recurring schedules and meetings.

The Process

It’s a simple process we have carried out hundreds of times.

We can manage all of the above stages or we can simply just provide you with accurate reporting on how your workplace is being utilised at a simple low cost.

The benefits

The main benefit of a WiseNet survey is the concise, accurate, actionable data that it captures, allowing property, facilities and HR teams to manage their workplace and reduce risk whilst investing in staff, creating a workplace that increases morale and productivity.

Profiling team and department working patterns allows for future proof strategies to be developed far ahead of project deadlines.

In short a WiseNet survey can tell you what works in your workplace and what doesn’t; with our help you can improve and manage your workplace more efficiently and cost effectively.

The results

The results of a WiseNet survey are presented via a secure online WBI portal.

The portal is fully filterable and easy to configure for client specific requirements. It contains charts, reports, tables and diagrams showing how your workplace is actually used and because it is data driven from the WiseNet system there are no guesstimates or interpolated data .

Why take weeks laboriously analysing datasheet after datasheet when our WBI portal provides all of the data the very next day?

For an online login to a demo portal please visit the resources page.

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