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What format are the results in?

The results of the service are updated in a secure online WBI portal at the end of each day. The portal contains graphs, charts, reports and diagrams all fully filterable to your space and business hierarchies. The live floor plan view is updated continuously and identifies and shows all available spaces to your employees.

How much does it cost?

The WiseNet system is priced per sensor and allows an ROI in the thousands of percent over a 3 year period. We offer an excellent discount schedule for repeat clients, multiple surveys, and larger bodies of work.

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What is it?

Simply put you buy all of the WiseNet equipment from Abintra, we then offer support and web based interactive reporting through our online WBI portal.

Purchasing the WiseNet system allows for the on-going measurement of your workplace utilisation using our market leading WiseNet system. Measuring your utilisation on a day to day basis provides numerous benefits, not least you can start to manage your workplace in an intelligent and accurate fashion. You can measure and respond to your utilisation requirements daily, you can also manage your workspace proactively identifying the areas that work and amending the ones that don’t.

A permanent installation allows for the provision of a live web view of your entire portfolio by showing a floor plan with actual available resources allowing employees to find available flexible space throughout your entire estate on their mobile device or a concierge screen. WiseNet can find available conference rooms with ease and when used in conjunction with scheduling WiseNet can process auto check-ins and no show meetings can be released back to the population.

Because the system is infinitely scalable, many clients purchase a small amount of equipment for a trial, perhaps for just a single building or floor. This allows for quick wins on evaluating the ‘correct’ workplace strategy for the measured areas whilst evaluating the true potential in the management reporting and business analytics the WiseNet system provides. When ready, any upscale in rollout is seamless both in terms of installation and support and the reporting elements at both high and low levels.

The main benefit of installing the WiseNet system permanently is allowing you to obtain real time workplace business intelligence. The results from the system give you actionable real time data in which to make forward thinking business decisions.

Live View

Managing flexible spaces designed for activity based working has never been easier. Using the Live View feature in WiseNet allows live occupancy plans to be shown on electronic screens .

Your employees can now find all available spaces suitable to their workplace activity with a quick glance at a concierge screen or their mobile device. They also have the option to search for the closest suitable available space across your whole portfolio.

Managing Flexibility

The WiseNet system provides concise, accurate actionable real time data, it can be interfaced with almost any other workplace management or building automation system unlocking a true ‘LIVE’ understanding of your workplace allowing for analysis of past performance and the provision of future requirement.

Because you are constantly measuring your workspace, as you approach set targets the WiseNet system can email you, allowing for the appropriate action to be taken.

reducing carbon footprint

The WiseNet system can be linked to some of the very latest LED lighting and building automation systems allowing live switching of equipment based on actual occupancy, massively reducing energy usage.

Controlling air conditioning based on accurate occupancy information will save you a small fortune on heating and cooling air you do not need.

All sensors in the WiseNet system measure temperature as standard,allowing you to track temperature variances affecting staff comfort and productivity at the earliest opportunity.

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