Workplace Consulting

Today’s organisations are ever changing complex entities and to remain competitive they must be ready to grow, change or diversify, sometimes at short notice, always with the aim to meet long and short term business goals.

A good workplace strategy will allow for all of these things and be flexible enough to adapt to any change when required. The strategy may facilitate many business objectives; reduce property costs, maintain and improve business performance, relocation or consolidation of space or buildings and merging organisations and cultures. Typically the workplace strategy will provide the answers to implementing organisational change or running out of, or having to much space.

Abintra’s experienced professionals have extensive expertise in space management, alternative workspace and business operations and how this hinges around corporate real estate procedure, requirement and investment.

As experts in efficiency, cost effective space management, technology, CRE and HR we offer our clients the deepest levels of subject expertise to ensure the highest levels of outcome and performance.

Our Service

For sustainable business growth it is imperative that your working environments are comfortable, safe, compliant and cost effective. Whatever your business drivers are, perhaps technological or financial we will ensure you remain flexible to change while being able to maintain sustainable business growth and meet your long term goals.

Every organisation can maximise their long term investment in their people and workplace. It doesn’t matter what sector they are in or if they are a multinational corporation, government body or SME.

We have a wealth of experience and use our own multi-sector benchmark data with our own management tools to evaluate effective strategies and occupancy scenarios to confidently determine the best short and long term outcomes, that are specific to your goals.

Our workplace consultants create solutions that streamline space use, inspire collaboration, promote alternative work strategies, and improve employee mobility all focused on the effective utilisation of your workplace.

The results of our Workplace Consultancy exercises will offer recommendations on new working directions, space and activity based settings and the potential for new technology.

We can help you


Reduce occupancy costs


Improve space efficiency


Improve productivity


Retain staff


Align with best practice space standards and workspace settings


Increase flexibility helping you respond more quickly to new opportunities, growth and changing business needs


Be ready for growth


Benchmark your portfolio for continued improvement


Manage flexibility


Integrate new technologies


Improve comfort by measuring and understanding light, air, space, and colour


Invest appropriately in your real estate assets

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