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Who we are

Abintra are established thought leaders within the corporate space management industry.

We provide innovative technological solutions, specialist hardware and a comprehensive set of web based Workplace Business Intelligence (WBI) tools for Real Estate and Facilities team around the world.

We are best known for our WiseNet sensor system which provides actionable real time data for the ultimate understanding and management of the workspace.

What we do

We use our own unique set of innovative workplace tools, to measure, manage and profile our clients property portfolios with an extra focus on the accurate measurement of the workplace. This allows our clients to confidently implement differing types of workplace strategies.

We save companies millions annually on their real estate operating costs, whilst also enhancing worker and management flexibility, with the further benefit of greater individual and team productivity.

Why Us?

Abintra were the first company to introduce PIR sensor technology to enhance and drive WBI initiatives. We are the most experienced vendor with the best solutions enabling FM’s and corporate real estate teams to strategically plan, evaluate and manage their workplaces.

With a focus on cost effective workplace strategy we continually deliver our best in breed solutions, products and services around the world. Producing massive financial savings whilst increasing flexibility and productivity for our clients makes us an easy choice to strategically manage their workplaces.

Our differentiators

WiseNet has been in real world use since 2009 and is the only proven solution with a track record with the worlds largest companies.

It measures and reports in real time, is simple to deploy, maintenance free and coupled with its space and energy management capability, makes it the only system to provide actionable data beyond trials and small installations.

We offer more than a permanent solution, we offer our customers a quality short term solution providing actionable data and the full benefits of specialised reporting for clear and concise real estate management.

Actionable Data

Workplace business intelligence is the evolution of producing analytical information for the Corporate Real Estate professional.

Reports are abound in the workplace but actionable real time data in which to make forward thinking business decisions is a fundamental necessity.

It is this actionable real time data that is our core deliverable.

Who we work with

Our clients include small enterprises right up to large global corporate companies including 5 of the top 20 in the Forbes 2000 list.

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